Welcome to Immerse In Massage

Therapeutic massage can be used to improve your flexibility, circulation and metabolism, or simply to help you relax and unwind.

Located in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Immerse in Massage is a home-based therapeutic massage clinic plus mobile service available in the Cairns, Northern Beaches and Tablelands area, including corporate seated massage.

Massage helps the body as well as the mind, and can help alleviate many issues before they become more problematic. Some of the physical benefits of massage include: stress relief, relaxation, improved flexibility and motion, reduction of blood pressure, relief of tension headaches and enhance the nourishment and health of the skin. There are also psychological benefits of massage as well; fostering peace of mind and sense of well being, promoting a relaxed state and improving the body’s awareness and ability to respond to stress.

For whatever reason you choose to have a massage, the benefits will be noticeable.  Every massage is carried out in a professional and courteous manner and will be personalised to suit your therapeutic needs. Soft, calming music is played during your massage session, if you wish to listen to your own choice of music, we are more than happy to accommodate your request and play your iPod/ iPhone through our docks.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and then get ready to release all your cares of the world.